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These earplug-style earbuds are on sale for less than $50
Great for commuting, working out, our just kicking it with a podcast.

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Best deals for Oct. 31: Save on Beats headphones, Dyson stick vacuums, KitchenAid, Ninja blenders, web hosting, and more
The more money you save, the more discounted candy you can buy after Halloween.

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These Beats Are Golden
Nice headphones.

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A cheap audio transmitter will let you watch TV with any wireless headphones
Think of it as your own personal volume control.

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Amazon is currently offering 55% off Grado's legendary SR60 headphones
We haven't seen a price this low on these in two years.

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10 of the best wireless headphones for watching TV
If you annoy the people around you when you're watching TV, here's a great solution.

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Take $50 off Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones at Walmart
Your workouts are about to get a whole lot better.

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7 of the best headphones for the iPhone 7
WTF is an A1 chip, you ask? You might want to find out. Here are the headphones that will make you stop lamenting the loss of the headphone jack.

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Microsoft's Surface Headphones are the anti-AirPods
Name a go-to smart pair of cans as iconic as AirPods. Could this be it?